Check KBC Lottery Number List Online on KBC Official Website Check 2023

KBC Lottery Number Check is a popular Indian game show. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Franchise’s official Hindi language version. Since its beginning, it has been hosted by actor Amitabh Bachchan. The format is similar to other Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Franchise shows. Contestants are handed multiple-choice questions and must choose the correct answer from four options; they are also given lifelines that they can use if they are unsure. The top reward has been Rs. 7 crores since Season 7 in 2013.

KBC Lottery is a lucky draw program that anybody can join to acquire a prize worth up to 25 lakhs which can indeed transform your life.

KBC Lottery Winner 2023 25 Lakh List

No:Winners Name:KBC Lottery Number:Winning Amount:
1.Tariq Ali Choma738821,00,00,000 INR
2.Rajesh Singh6577350,00,000 INR
3.Bilal Khan6664335,00,000 INR
4.Rana Pratap Singh10032135,00,000 INR
5.Vinod Sharma9000425,00,000 INR
6.Sarwar Lahori6663225,00,000 INR
7.Sajid Ali Saja015015,00,000 INR

If you have any questions about KBC lottery number check, please contact us by WhatsApp and we will get in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, contact us by filling out the form below and visit us. KBC WhatsApp Number 0019188444474

KBC Lottery 2023

In 2023, Amitabh Bachchan will host the KBC (Kon Banega Karodpati) Game Show. You must have recently seen rumors about the KBC Lottery winner 2023 circulating on social media. What is the KBC Lucky Draw, and how does it work? Is there an online lottery scheme administered by KBC? The news regarding the KBC lottery winner will wow viewers. On WhatsApp, there is a message circulating that you will win the lottery or have won the KBC lottery of 25 lacs. This SMS is a complete fabrication. Read this article to learn more about the KBC Lottery List and the KBC WhatsApp Number Fake Lucky Draw. Customers should read articles like these and pass along valuable information to their friends.

The KBC staff is available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Members of the Official KBC team will provide you with guidance based on their best knowledge. For any “KBC Lottery number Check” inquiries, simply dial the KBC head office number. Some disadvantaged families benefit from lottery programs like these. To purchase a lottery ticket or to win the lottery, there is no need to register. A random number generator chooses the KBC Winners on the SIM card. This process is completely automated. To increase your chances of winning, all you have to do is balance recharge. The more one recharges, the better one’s chances of winning the game.

Have you ever fantasized about your own success? If you’re brave enough to enter the Kon Banega Karodpati – KBC lottery winning application? Sure! It’s feasible, and it could make your day if you win a significant amount in Amitabh Bachchan’s quiz show and become a KBC lottery winner.

How Do I Win the KBC Lottery in 2023?

Participants of the KBC quiz show lottery can check their names in the list of lucky persons. On the official website, the participants can check the results of their own lottery. If the participant is unfamiliar with real lottery numbers, he can use the leading or assisting WhatsApp numbers 0019188444474 to match. You can obtain registration by contacting the official contact number. For the next 15 days, there will be a competition for all sim cards lottery.

It’s evident that if a consumer has more than one mobile number, he could win the KBC lottery if customers are unable to purchase a lottery ticket within the current month. In the coming month, he could be the victor. Keep fighting, don’t give up. So keep monitoring our official website and lottery lists for updates. Perhaps you were the lucky winner on the most recent list of winners. Keep an eye on the Jio KBC winner lists and be alert.

Only the helpline number can provide you with a lottery ticket at home. With the primary office contact, the KBC team is assisting the customers. The contact information for the corporate headquarters can be found on the official website. You can keep track of your lottery results online. Simply call the KBC Head Office number, which is available 24 hours a day, for an online confirmation.

Check KBC Lottery Online 2023

To check KBC lottery online please enter your winner mobile number and your registered lottery number here. If you don’t have your lottery number then please contact KBC lottery head office number which is 0019188444474. You can also contact us for the latest KBC winners list and WhatsApp lottery winners list so keep connected with this KBC official Website.

How Can the Jio KBC Lottery Winner Problem Be Solved?

Customers are being informed about their lottery by their fraudsters. Customers are dissatisfied with their prize. They don’t know what to do now, which is depressing. They follow in the footsteps of assailants. Keep calm and dial 0019188444474 to reach an authentic KBC helpline. The KBC Lottery Department is providing you with instructions regarding mishaps. Pay no remuneration to the imitators. In the case of payment, the KBC Jio Department is not liable for any wrongdoings. If you receive a phone call or a WhatsApp message, please contact the head office as soon as possible. You can get help from the head office by dialing the official number, WhatsApp, or landline numbers.

How to Easily Win the KBC Lottery?

The KBC lottery is now as straightforward as that. It is now easy to access, thanks to Kaun Banga Crorepati. That’s what you are going to read about it here.

  • You must have a SIM card from any Indian mobile network to participate in the Lucky Draw.
  • You must have an active SIM card, which can be from any mobile network provider.
  • Similarly you have a better chance of winning if you have a daily balance on your phone.
  • Every month on the last day of the month, KBC holds a lucky lottery draw.
  • The results of the Kbc lottery are announced on the first and second days of the following month.
  • On this page, you may conveniently check the list of winners and lottery results. KBC lottery number check online on this website.
  • People receive bogus calls based on the lucky draw, which is highly annoying. You should ignore and report these calls as soon as possible.
  • Kon Banega Karodpati has made it simple to check the online lottery if you receive any fraudulent phone calls to avoid such frauds. All you have to do now is report it to the KBC headquarters.
  • KBC’s active personnel will assist you simultaneously and will satisfactorily answer all your queries.

How to Win a KBC All India Sim Card in the WhatsApp Lucky Draw in 2023?

All India Sim card lucky draw is held for the benefit of the needy people of our beautiful country, India. Winning this reward is a fantastic opportunity for any commoner. It’s an automatic lucky draw in which clients have to enter their sim cards to participate. The KBC authority does not invite participants. It’s a lucky draw for self-registration.

Amitabh Bachchan, the star of the millennium, hosts this game. Many folks are delighted to see him on the quiz show. Similarly, it is the people’s sincere desire to witness Big B perform live. After all, the only way to meet him is through the KBC Head Office, where you can also register to be a KBC Lucky Draw Winner. You may also learn more about the KBC Lucky Draw team this way.

Because Amitabh Bachchan is the guest of honor at the Lucky Draw, the Kbc Lucky Draw is known for Amitabh Bachchan. As a result, everyone who has a Sim card can enter this lucky draw. Finally, if you want to be a Kbc Lottery Winner, you must recharge your Sim Card on a daily basis.

Whether or not they are registered with KBC, everyone wants to win the KBC Lottery 25 Lakhs. They are not required to authenticate the head office numbers listed on the Kon Banega Karodpati official website. There are a lot of people who wish to smear this game show’s reputation. This game show is well-liked across the country, yet they want to denigrate it completely. As a result, the inhabitants of this country must be wary of such transient con artists. You can collaborate with KBC to avoid this type of scam.

KBC Lottery Winner List 2023

  • Mr. Aslam Khan Winning Amount 25 Lakh City Mumbai Winning Date 11 January 2023.
  • Irfan Sunny Winning Amount 25 Lakh City Mumbai Winning Date 12 January 2023.
  • Ms. Kanjari Devi Winning Amount 25 Lakh City Delhi Winning Date 13 January 2023.
  • Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta Winning Amount 35 Lakh City Pune Winning Date 14 January 2023.
  • Mr. Ajay Kumar Winning Amount 35 Lakh City Chennai Winning Date 15 January 2023.
  • Ms. Alia Bhatt Winning Amount 35 Lakh City Chennai Winning Date 15 January 2023.
  • Mr. Rahul Singh Winning Amount 1 Crore City Kolkata Winning Date 16 January 2023.
  • Mr. Vinod Kumar Winning Amount 7 Crore City Kolkata Winning Date 17 January 2023.

Fraudulent Calls and WhatsApp Messages to KBC Lottery Winners

In these kinds of frauds, the fraudsters send WhatsApp messages to winners from unknown numbers ( All the numbers starting with 0092, the ISD Code of Pakistan) claiming that their phone number has won the 25 lakh lottery jointly aggregated by Kon Banega Karodpati and Airtel. The official website is now providing secure and heartfelt information to both innocent and victimized clients. Keep an eye out for such ruthless creatures. These parasites primarily cause poverty and pennilessness. Customers receive calls on WhatsApp or SMS on Facebook Messenger by these crooks, causing the sacred beneficial company to lose popularity. These con artists have little sympathy for the disabled or befuddled. In the event of a lottery or information, please call the officials at the KBC head office number, which is available 24 hours a day. They are doing their part to make people think it is safe to participate in the KBC lottery.

These days, you’re getting a lot of KBC lottery winner fraud calls. You must be aware of this scam. If this is the case, contact the KBC headquarters as soon as possible.

How to Avoid Fake Jio Lottery Winners WhatsApp Calls?

Some con artists may phone you on your WhatsApp number and tell you that your name has been entered into the Jio Lottery Winner 2023, Idea Lottery Winner, Vodafone Lottery Winner, and so on. And they’ll ask you to deposit money in their accounts for some sort of tax or charge. However, you should be informed that if you receive such calls, you must act immediately and phone the Jio KBC head office WhatsApp number, which is: 0019188444474 Jio KBC Head Office Number in Mumbai.

Fake Calls from Jio KBC Lottery 2023 on Your Phone

There are specific Pakistani phone numbers (0092******, +923******), and internet numbers, with prefix +121. They are defrauding the public by using such numbers in the name of KBC WhatsApp Lottery 2020. Suppose someone calls you and asks you to deposit money for taxes, fees, or something similar. As a result, you are not required to deposit anything until you receive confirmation from the KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number. Similarly if you want to check KBC lottery numbers online please call KBC head office number 0019188444474.

Dear Jio lottery 2023 customers, it is necessary to inform you that many individuals receive phone calls these days. A few con artists try to take advantage of individuals to gain money and enhance their financial situation. To put it another way, the Jio lottery winning fraud has returned. Scammers are easy to spot since they will ask you to deposit money into their personal accounts.

To prove that they are legitimate jio officials, they may send you an email or SMS notice. This article is to warn you about all of these types of scams, which is why there is also a jio lottery information center here. The website now allows you to check your jio lottery 2020 results online. You can also look for your name in the official Jio Lottery Winners List 2023. If you have not yet registered for the Jio Lottery, please contact us as soon as possible to receive your official KBC Jio Lottery Winners 2020 List.

How can I protect myself from the Jio Lottery scam?

To avoid being a victim of Jio Lottery fraud, follow the steps below.

  • Please don’t put money into the accounts of people who call you from overseas or Pakistani numbers.
  • The number formats have already been mentioned.
  • Please do not take any action until you have checked your Jio lottery number in the provided database.
  • Please do not take any advice offered over the phone by an anonymous individual until you confirm it by phoning KBC Jio Head Office at 0019188444474.
  • If you do not have an actual lottery number, which a Jio Lottery Winner-approved person will issue, you do not need to take any action.
  • Do not go to any website that is referenced over the phone by an unknown person.


Participate in this lucky draw to gain some great rewards. If you are skeptical about safety, you have read the precautions you should take mentioned above. You can now fulfill your dreams by participating in Jio Lucky Draw 2023.