How to Contact The KBC Head Office? | KBC Official Website 2021

Are you searching of the KBC head office number on the internet? If you answered yes, then your hunt is over because this article will provide you with the KBC head office phone number 0019188444474 and all other important information. KBC is one of the most famous TV shows that organize lotteries and lucky draws, as you might know. As a result, a need for its mobile number may occur to clarify those concerns and questions.

KBC Contact Number

KBC has only one KBC contact number, 0019188444474. If you receive fraudulent call on your WhatsApp regarding the KBC lottery winner, Please contact us at or office number. KBC, popularly known as KBC, is the very famous game show in all India

When looking for the KBC head office number on the internet, most websites can provide you with inaccurate and unreliable information. However, no need to be concerned because this page will provide you with accurate details and some advice to bear in mind to avoid theft or scams. Let’s begin with this article, which will give you the official KBC phone number.

No:KBC Head Office:KBC Official Number:Timing:
1.KBC Head Office Mumbai+1918844445408 am to 11:30 pm
2.Jio KBC Head Office Kolkata +19188444474 08 am to 11:30 pm
3.KBC WhatsApp Number +19188444478 08 am to 11:30 pm
4.KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number +19188444479 08 am to 11:30 pm
5.All India KBC head office number +19188444480 08 am to 11:30 pm
Contact KBC Official WhatsApp Number 0019188444474

KBC: The Most Liked TV Show

Let’s first get an insight into what KBC is all about before moving on to KBC head office number! The KBC’s short form is KBC. It is one of India’s most successful and trendy TV shows based on the British program -Who Would Be a Millionaire? KBC is hosted by Mr Amitabh Bachchan, a renowned Bollywood celebrity, and that’s precisely why this game show is all over popular.

You can earn a cash prize of Rs.7 Crore by playing this game. KBC organizes lucky draws and lotteries along with a TV game show and a cash award amounting to Rs. a contestant wins 25 lakhs. It sounds fantastic. So, what do you expect? Get enrolled in KBC and be the next Crorepati of the show!

Although, one thing that you still know the scams and fraud in the name of KBC. Several research types have shown that fake Pakistani scammers call the Indians and claim they won the KBC lottery. However, they are not the officers of the KBC. So when any information is needed concerning registration with KBC, KBC Lucky Draw or KBC Lottery, you always must call a KBC head office official number, which is presented here in this article.

Now, move on to the next and significant portion of this article – What’s the KBC head office number?

KBC Head Office Number

The most highly awaited section of the article is here. If you have any query or need clarity about KBC, you can always contact and reach out to the authentic and official KBC advisors by calling 0019188444474. This is the valid and authentic KBC phone number, where KBC advisors and officials are available 24/7 to advise and assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. If you get a fake KBC lottery call, make sure to file a report by calling 0019188444474.

The number mentioned above is the Mumbai KBC head office number. Furthermore, we have compiled a list of KBC phone numbers based on various locations. Take a look at:

  • KBC Head Office Number, Mumbai: 0019188444474
  • KBC Head Office Number, Kolkata: 0019188444479
  • KBC Head Office Number, Delhi: 0019188444459
  • KBC All India Helpline Number: 00191884444656

So, whether you’re interested in participating in the KBC game show or lottery, you can conveniently get more information and specifics by calling the KBC helpline number. Since the KBC helpline accepts all phone calls or Whatsapp, you can reach the KBC officials using any form.

KBC Head Office Numbers

How can I contact the KBC team?

There is a simple and straightforward manner to get in contact with KBC Team or KBC head office Number. We’ve provided KBC Winners with simple dialing instructions for contacting the KBC team. To contact the KBC Office Contact Number, must follow these instructions.

  • To begin, dial 001 or +1, which is the exit code.
  • Then dial 91, India’s country code.
  • Then dial the area code (3-4 digits, you can check the example given below ).
  • Save the KBC office number in your contacts for WhatsApp calls, and the KBC head office will appear in your WhatsApp Address list.
  • Finally, then dial the phone number of 5-6 digits.

Number Example: 001-918-8444474 (Mumbai)

Note: The official KBC head office contact number for Whatsapp calls is 0019188444474. For phone calls, the official KBC head office contact number is 0019188444474. Every other number with which you associate, on the other hand, should be regarded as fraudulent. As a result, always double-check the number before relying on the details given over the phone. In any case, if you receive a fraudulent call, don’t forget to file a report by dialing 0019188444474.

KBC Head Office Contact Number
KBC Head Office Number

Things To Keep In Mind While Contacting KBC Head Office

To avoid any fraud or fraud, the Guidelines given below have to be considered and taken into account when contacting the KBC headquarters:

  • If you have any queries about your lottery number, please call 0019188444474.
  • When you contact the KBC headquarters, the representatives get right to the point without delay.
  • Make an effort to finish the speech as soon as possible because the officials do not have much time to listen to a single person.
  • If you deposit money in the wrong account, they will not be held liable.
  • If you receive any bogus call, please report them to the KBC headquarters as soon as possible.
  • The KBC officials do not require you to deposit any money. So, if you receive a call asking you to deposit money, beware of fraudsters.

Wrap Up

That’s it! You’ve reached the end of the article. Hopefully, the details given in this article has satisfied you, as we have shared the official KBC Lottery head office number. So, if you have any sought of queries and concerns about KBC registration or the lottery, pick up the phone and dial 0019188444474. KBC officials and advisors will be on standby 24/7 to advise and assist you.

The KBC officials who answer this phone number will provide you with a wealth of knowledge in various ways that you will undoubtedly find rewarding. Don’t be afraid to call KBC at 0019188444474 if you have any questions, and remember to follow the instructions outlined above to avoid fraud!