KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List Today | KBC Official Website 2021

Do you want to know about the KBC Lottery Winner 2021? Are you oblivious to the lottery? So, don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to know about the KBC lottery winner 2021 right here. This guide is for you, and it explains everything from KBC lottery winner 2021 to claim the prize money. What you need to do is scroll down and read on!!.

All the awaiting customers are to be informed that KBC lucky draw 2021 result is going to be declared on August 15st 2021. KBC is the No.1 Game show of all India. KBC was start on 2010. On the report of KBC, KBC lottery 2021 result has been announced on 15th November. KBC lottery 2021 result can be searched by LOTTERY and Aadhaar card number. The lottery highest amount is 25 lakh. The overall average of KBC lottery is 10 Lakh.

KBC Lottery Winner 2021

There’s good news for all KBC fans! KBC provides you with the opportunity to win up to Rs 700,000 and have your name added to the KBC Lottery Winners List. They’ve made it very easy and straightforward for you. You do not need to register or create an account to participate in the KBC lottery 2021. The good news is that KBC has links to and affiliations with all SIM providers.

We are now implementing a new framework or electronic method of lottery verification. In a modern electronic device, you can confirm or validate your lottery results through the internet. You can check your lottery by adding your lottery numbers. But if you can’t win a prize, there’s no need to be concerned. Get the phone number for the head office, purchase a lottery ticket and at a low cost. After completing it, you have a chance to win a lottery worth Rs. 25,00,000 lacs. Stay cool, get your lottery ticket, and you’ll be the winner in this lottery one day.

KBC Lottery 2021

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 25 Lakh List

Checkout the KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List 25 Lakh Cash Prize Winners:

No:KBC Winner Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Number:Mobile #:
1.Mr. Krishna Kumar25,00,000 INR1001081873*****837
2.Mr. Rana Pratap Singh25,00,000 INR 89919635*****938
3.Ms. Madhu Devi25,00,000 INR 4455803*****837
4.Mr. Babu Lal Chauhan35,00,000 INR1155991*****682
5.Mr. AshokVarma35,00,000 INR899177707*****822
6.Sunder Singh50,00,000 INR50718094770*****554
7.Mr. Rahul Kumar Pandey1,00,00,000 INR8991900*****113
KBC Lottery Winner List 2021

Why is the KBC Lottery so popular?

Imagine yourself sitting on the seafront as you get a notice that you are a member of the KBC Lottery Winners List for 2021. This would undoubtedly be a surprise and a pleasant experience for you!

This wow factor, the anticipation of winning, and the feeling of being lucky altogether can make KBC Lottery 2021 a very excellent option. Have a look at the list of reasons that make KBC Lottery 2021 trendy and popular!

  • Play anytime: The first thing that the KBC lottery has in common is that you can play it every day by being elsewhere. You can sign up for and participate in the KBC lottery while sitting in the park, at a picnic, or while sipping your morning tea.
  • No age limit: Another significant advantage of participating in the KBC Lottery Winner 2021 is that there are not any restrictions on who can participate. Everyone is welcome to sign up and play this exciting lottery game online.
  • Unique ticket: Finally, the most popular feature of the KBC lottery is that you do not need to keep track of your tickets because the KBC lottery draws the winner based on the participant’s mobile number. As a consequence, there is no chance of losing lottery tickets.
KBC Lottery Winner 2021
KBC Lottery Winner 2021

How to join the KBC lottery 2021?

If you have concluded to participate in the KBC lottery, this section will allow you to do so. Unlike other lottery tickets, they do not have to be purchased. Just call the KBC Head Office to obtain your lottery number. But what if you don’t know where to call to get the lottery number? Don’t worry; we’ve done enough of the heavy lifting for you. To obtain your lottery number, scroll down and follow the instructions.

To begin, pick up the phone and dial 0019188444478 for the KBC Helpline. That is KBC’s official headquarters, where you can submit your questions and inquiries to all of the consultants 24*7. After receiving your lottery number, ensure that it is reviewed and updated regularly on the KBC Official Site website. Search your name on the list of winners and fulfil your dreams by winning the Rs. 25 lakh cash prize!

Second, if you are a Jio customer and want to participate in a lucky draw in 2021, follow these steps:

  • If you do not already have a Jio sim card, purchase one to participate in the KBC lottery.
  • The more often you recharge your sim card, the more likely you are to win the lottery.

Now that you’ve learned how to join the KBC lottery, it’s time to learn how to claim the prize money.

KBC Lottery Head Office Numbers

No:Head OfficeKBC Number
1.KBC Head Office Mumbai+19188444474
2.KBC Head Office Kolkata +19188444479
3.Jio KBC Head Office Mumbai+19188444478
4.KBC WhatsApp Number+19188444454
5.KBC Lottery Head Office Delhi+19188444656

KBC Lottery Number Online Check

To check K B C lottery number online please call KBC head office contact number 0019188444474 and get you K B C lottery number. You can check this lottery number in this official website just enter your winner mobile number and Registered lottery number.

There are very easy and simple steps to KBC Lottery Number Check. First, Call the KBC head office number 001918844474 KBC lottery, Enter your winner number in online lottery checker page, Enter your mobile Number & Lottery Number.

KBC Lottery Number Check Online

KBC lottery Winner 2021 25 Lakh List Today Previous Month

Now we are showing KBC Lottery winners list of previous month:

  • Mr. Rahul Sharma Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winner Lottery Number 8991.
  • Mr. Rana Pratap Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winner Lottery Number 89917.
  • Ms. Kirti Singh Winning Amount 35 Lakh Winner Lottery Number 0150.
  • Mr. Sajid Ali Khan Winning Amount 35 Lakh Winner Lottery Number 0786.
  • Mr. Arjun Singh Winning Amount 50 Lakh Winner Lottery Number 83722.
  • Ms. Geeta Thakur Winning Amount 1 Crore Lottery Number 387222.
  • Mr. Selman Khan Winning Amount 7 Crore Lottery Number 83722.

Please claim your KBC prize money or KBC online lottery which you have won from KBC online lucky draw, After claim your prize money please contact our head office number only. We are not responsible if you send your personal/bank detail to wrong persons. So first of all call KBC head office and conform that you are winner or not. Contact us at 00191-88444474 for WhatsApp Chat and Contact on 00191-88444479 for Live Call. KBC Lottery winner 2021 has allowed to people to win awesome “kbc lottery winner” prizes while having fun.

How to Check KBC Lottery Online?

To check for and verify your lottery online, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Please ensure you have the correct lottery winning phone number and lottery number to check.
  • Enter your lottery in the “Enter your lottery number” field in 8991 formats.
  • To confirm your lottery entry, click the “Check Now” button.
  • Please wait a few seconds before the page reloads and you reach the top of the page.
  • After the page loaded, scroll down to the “KBC Online Lottery Check” section.

Here you can have all of the information about your lottery that is available in the KBC lucky draw Database.

KBC Lottery Winners 2021
KBC Lottery Winners 2021

How To claim KBC Prize Money?

After you’ve checked the draw, it’s time to collect your lottery and look for your reward. Please follow the points below to claim your KBC Lottery reward and safely deposit it into your account.

  • If your lottery has been confirmed, make a WhatsApp call to KBC Lottery Manager or KBC Helpline to open your lottery register.
  • To complete your lottery register, provide the KBC Officer with the required information, such as a photo, full name, address, Aadhaar card, and so on.
  • Wait a moment for the officer to finish the lottery operation.
  • According to the Indian Financial Act and tax revenue laws, you must pay the government’s Lottery Tax.
  • Send the tax payment and get a confirmation note.
  • Please contact the KBC Officer via WhatsApp and request that your lottery number be passed on to you.
  • Please wait until you get your lottery number in your bank account before breaking your line.

That’s all about the KBC lottery winner 2021, hopefully, now you are aware of everything. So what you are waiting for? Go and grab your KBC lottery right now!!!.

KBC Winning Amount Tax

KBC Winning Amount:Registration Fee:Tax:
15,00,000 INR10,000 INR2%
25,00,000 INR15,000 INR3%
35,00,000 INR25,000 INR5%
50,00,000 INR35,000 INR7%