Winner List of KBC in 2023 | KBC Lottery Fake Calls WhatsApp SMS 2023

Participate in KBC’s 13th season. Seize all insights with us to register with perfection and safety. Know what is KBC lucky draw, how to check KBC online lottery and much more. 

KBC is one of the most adored platforms in India. The Amitabh Bhachan hosted TV show has been winning hearts since 2000 and is, to date, attracting a large number of participants. Individuals across the country compete to be a part of this financially rewarding show. So, if you are seeking to be a part of the well-known KBC family this year, you must read this guide.

We have everything you necessitate to participate, and try your luck. KBC has transformed in many ways over time, and 2023 surely has new surprises on its way. Read to the end and grab all details about this spectacular wisdom play. It will indeed assist you in your KBC journey.

What is KBC Lucky Draw 2023?

This year KBC is thrilled to reveal that their KBC SIM lucky draw registrations have begun! The lucky draw is specifically organized for the welfare of poverty-stricken homes in India.

In 2023, the terms of the luck draw were improvised to simplify the entire registration procedure and help users participate with utmost ease. The competition has now made winning big cash prizes easier for the country’s common people. Fortunately, the new improvised registration process does not require lengthy forms or complicated procedures.

In fact, the platform has been registered with SIM cards in the country. By this, we mean all Indian citizens are automatically registered for the lucky draw! Yes, even you. An individual must seize all insights about the new announcements, updates, and other details concerning the draw.

KBC Lottery System 2023

An individual can participate and play the lottery any time they wish to. The chief aspect of this lottery system is you can enjoy playing it at any hour of the day and from anywhere. So, KBC has made its access much simpler for a commoner.

Another striking benefit of the all-new lottery system is that any individual can access the lucky draw without restrictions. A person must simply enroll themselves on the web to gain access and begin playing.

Lastly, the major perk of the new lottery is that you can play it without needing or buying any KBC tickets. As said, the lottery is accessible from each handset and easy to check on via the same. Further, this also eliminates the chances of misplacement.

How to Check KBC Lottery Online?

Checking on the lottery is quite simple. However, one must be informed and very alert about the scams in the market. The following section will also see how you can prevent getting scammed and identify valid KBC lotteries.

To check your lottery, first, inspect if you have a registration. If you do not have one yet, dial the official KBC number or WhatsApp on the same. After you acquire KBC head office details, you can check our database. The KBC site updates its site with the Lottery Winner List 2023. So, keep a check on their official page to access all the latest updates.

Who is the Winner of KBC 2023?

The winner’s list is continually improvised and updated. An individual can easily locate the winner’s list details on the official website. The winners of KBC 2023 and their details are mentioned on the same. To get your hands on the latest winners, navigate their official site. All details, including lottery number, name and region, are mentioned.

If there are any doubts, contact KBC’s official mail or toll-free number for the best assistance. All details will be presented there for better clarity. KBC’s helpline assistance is readily available to serve users without delays.

KBC Lottery Fake Calls and Scams

With these amazing opportunities, hackers have invaded their way to scam people. Thus, being aware of these scams is necessary for proper usage and safety. Hackers usually send messages on Whatsapp to random numbers claiming rewards via KBC (most of these numbers begin with +92). The fraudsters send you alerts claiming that you have won prize money from competitions organized by KBC and Reliance Jio worth twenty-five lakhs.

Further, they request you to contact them to claim the amount in your banks. Once the victims contact the fraudster, they ask them to first pay specific amounts and other processing fees. The scammers often tell users that the amount is refundable and will be paid back. After this victim deposits the money, they start demanding other random fees and insist on communicating via Whatsapp only.

In most cases, they present attractive offers to transfer you the money. The process is claimed to go on for weeks before it finally ends. They entice the victim after a specific time by telling them that the lottery amount has been increased to continue the conversation. Finally, when the victim refuses to pay the money and demands the lottery, they discontinue contact in all ways.

How can you prevent fraud?

  • Do not respond to any call, message or email regarding the lottery.
  • If you receive any message or mail that claims to transfer money to your bank account, do not entertain such texts.
  • Get a spam filter for your mail.
  • Never transfer any funds in the hope of the lottery. Individuals making such claims are completely fraud.
  • Avoid KBC lottery fake calls at all costs. Do not entertain any individual claiming to be from KBC and demanding money.

How can you complain?

  • Get a 6-month account statement from your irrespective bank.
  • Copy and save all the messages you have concerning the matter.
  • Back-up your bank statement with identification and address proofs.
  • File a complaint explaining the entire scenario and all necessary documents. Go to your nearest police station only.


KBC 2020 indeed has plenty of surprises, big cash prizes and wisdom insights for its viewers. The show has completely simplified its procedures for easy registration and participation. Use our exclusive tips to make the most of your KBC journey. Season 13 is all set and has much exciting news