KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List WhatsApp | KBC Winner List 2021 Today

If you’re a WhatsApp lottery winner 2021 gamer or have played WhatsApp lotteries for a while, you’ll agree that the introduction of online WhatsApp lotteries has changed the way people play today. We’ll be taking some people down memory lane when you suggest buying WhatsApp lottery tickets in person. Another important explanation why people enjoy playing the WhatsApp online lottery is that the security of your ticket is guaranteed. You’ll notice that several prizes haven’t been won in the conventional, physical lottery scheme. With the online lottery, this is no longer an issue since all of the games are played online, and all of your information is saved in your user account, which you can access at any time.

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List WhatsApp

No:KBC Winner Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Number:WhatsApp Number:
1.Rohit Kumar Singh25,00,000 INR89919 984******568
2.Sameer Patel25,00,000 INR0786 786******938
3.Riya Mahira25,00,000 INR89910 733******302
4.Roshni Devi25,00,000 INR0150 804******848
5.Bhgwan Das25,00,000 INR28111 912******993
6.Vijay Kumar Sing25,00,000 INR8991 994******571
7.Shabbir King Shabu25,00,000 INR80333 944******600

These are the peoples who have won 25 lakh in KBC WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2021. If you also want to win 25 lakh lottery in KBC WhatsApp lucky draw or if you have already win 25 lakh lottery in KBC then please don’t be late and contact KBC Head office WhatsApp number 0019188444454 or 0019188444474 as soon as possible.

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List WhatsApp

Furthermore information about WhatsApp winner list 2021 please contact WhatsApp lottery head office number which is 0019188444454. To check KBC Lottery online please keep visiting this official website of KBC.

Right now you can call me to get the latest KBC registration and winners updates. KBC WhatsApp number is available for KBC winners. This is the KBC head office WhatsApp number Mumbai +19188444474.

According to KBC, the most KBC WhatsApp lottery winners are Mr. Vijay Kumar, Mr. Rahul Singh and Mr. Ganyaal Singh. Most KBC lottery numbers are 8991, 8991, 0150 and 55443. The most famous lottery number to check in KBC is 8991. Similarly 0150 is also famous KBC lottery number. If you receive this kind of lottery number please contact KBC head office number which is 0019188444479.

What is the WhatsApp lottery?

If you receive any call or message about KBC lottery 2021 winning amount please dial our KBC WhatsApp Number which is 0019188444454 (WhatsApp) or 0019188444474 (KBC Head Office Kolkata) or meanwhile check your lottery in KBC Lottery Winner 2021 List WhatsApp.

There are several different forms of lottery winnings available in the KBC lucky lottery draw 2021. Dear customers, we are providing you with high and graceful knowledge about the WhatsApp lottery 2021. It has developed an IMO lottery winnings head office and provides various types of Kbc lottery offices. KBC has developed a WhatsApp lottery system. Some people have earned money from their Sim cards. Lottery information is handled by a number of divisions at KBC. The winners of the Whatsapp lottery can be found on the internet. We have provided and uploaded our WhatsApp head office number, So there is no need to be worried about the lottery.

KBC WhatsApp Winner 2021
KBC WhatsApp Winner 2021

How to participate in KBC 2021?

Good news for all KBC fans who use WhatsApp: you can now participate in KBC by calling +19188444479, the KBC WhatsApp amount. Since this KBC WhatsApp number is part of the official WhatsApp lucky draw 2021. So, if you’re interested in participating in the KBC WhatsApp lucky draw, please contact KBC via WhatsApp. If you receive calls about a WhatsApp lottery worth 35 or 25 lacs, or if a customer hears about a KBC JIO WhatsApp winner list worth 25 lakh or 35 lakh in 2021, please contact the KBC head office WhatsApp number.
Please contact KBC via WhatsApp.

For lottery-related updates, simply call or send a WhatsApp message to the WhatsApp helpline, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The KBC WhatsApp helpline is a trusted source of lottery knowledge for all types of games.
You don’t need to go anywhere if you want to win the KBC Lottery 2021 on WhatsApp. Since the KBC WhatsApp lucky draw 2021 includes all WhatsApp users. But you don’t have to do anything but keep coming back to this official website. We will list your name in the KBC WhatsApp Lottery winner 2021 list if you are a KBC WhatsApp winner 2021.

The winners of the KBC Whatsapp Lucky Draw 2021 Winner List are selected at random, although there is a selection process. The JIO KBC Lucky Draw Winner 2021 will be announced each day.

Check KBC WhatsApp Lottery Online

To check K B C WhatsApp lottery online please enter your WhatsApp winner number and your registered KBC lottery number in column and click on check button, You will see the winners list please find your winner number or call KBC WhatsApp head office number 0019188444474. Similarly if you don’t have your registered K B C lottery number please contact KBC WhatsApp Number which is +19188444479.

If you quickly want to check your online lottery number, you just have to type the lottery number on your phone’s along with the winner number and the lottery amount before it, like +19188444474. After typing the lottery number, select it on the keypad itself

KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number 0019188444454

No:KBC Head Office:WhatsApp Number:
1.Head office number of Kolkata+19188444474
2.KBC Head Office Number Mumbai+19188444479
3.KBC Head Office Number Delhi+19188444479
4.Jio KBC head office number+19188444480
5.KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number+19188444454

KBC Lottery Winner 2021 list WhatsApp Of Previous Month

Now we are showing the full KBC WhatsApp winner list of previous month September 2021:

  • Mr. Bharti Saluja Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 72626 WhatsApp Number 938****746.
  • Mr. Umang Singh Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery number 22232 WhatsApp Number 874****201.
  • Ms. Jaya Devi Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 77783 WhatsApp Number 782****100.
  • Mr. Vijay Kumar Thakur Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 77001 WhatsApp number 900****102.
  • Mr. Rahul Saxena Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 900023 WhatsApp Number 821****444
  • Ms. Kirti Singh Thakur Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 22382 WhatsApp Number 673****821.
  • Mr. Vijay Rajput Winning Amount 25 Lakh Lottery Number 77399 WhatsApp Number 777****001.
  • Mr. Rana Pratap Singh Winning Amount 25 lakh Lottery Number 3838 WhatsApp Number 999****633

Is Whatsapp Lottery A Scam?

We live in a world where people take advantage of those who are trusting and vulnerable. They know that we want to win and they take advantage of our will to win. If you get a WhatsApp lottery SMS from someone who is asking for your bank details, beware of that. Many people have been entrapped by those scammers in the name of the Jio KBC WhatsApp lottery and they are continuing to do the same. So if you ever come across such phone call then make sure to play smart and don’t give any details to them.

Please do not make any deposits into the accounts of those who call you from foreign or Pakistani numbers. Please wait until you’ve double-checked your WhatsApp lottery details in our database before proceeding. Do not follow any instructions provided over the phone by an anonymous individual until you have confirmed them by calling KBC Jio Head Office at this number 0019188444474. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.
If you do not have an authentic WhatsApp lottery number, which will be issued by a WhatsApp Lottery Winner sanctioned individual, you do not need to take any action and do not go to any website that is given over the phone by an unknown individual.
This is said so that you can be safe and do not get robbed by the scammers in the name of the Jio KBC WhatsApp lottery.

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Fake Paper
KBC WhatsApp Lottery Message

KBC Lucky Draw 2021

KBC is the most renowned and famous show in Indian Television History. Hosted by none other than the most favorite actor and performer of the entire generation and inspiration for everyone Amitabh Bhachan. They have been running the show for a complete decade now and many participants have won mega reward. KBC has also published a book that happens to be a useful guide to many. There are many modules one can go through and learn new facts and correct answers.

The KBC quiz show is presented in a question-answer format. They also started with KBC Jio Lottery at the beginning of 2021. The lucky draw was finalized by many famous personalities which include Mukesh Ambani and PM Narendra Modi. It is very easy to sign up for the lottery. The lottery holder can just enter the name and lottery number on the website. If you see your name flash over the website it means you have just won the lottery.

KBC 25 Lakh Lottery

Congratulations! You are a winner of the 25 lakh lottery. The show is in its 14th season and people are loving it already.
If one does not have any access to technology, they can check the same via the website or call directly on the helpline number. Just to confirm if you have won the lottery. With the lucky draw, you don’t need to purchase any ticket or anything as such. One can directly dial up the KBC head office and receive the lottery number. One just needs to wait for their name to be called out on the TV. As it is a lucky draw it is a game of all luck.

The questions asked are from across all fields. Hence, it is very important that the participants know and understand everything going around and in the world. For instance, one will get questions which are based on current affairs, geography, history, etc.
To win the lucky draw you just have to call the head office and take the first step. It would be very important for you to know that,

Dear customer, Winning KBC is very easy now as you can participate in the lucky draw now. The book we have is very useful and it would be great if you can refer to the same. As your chances to win the same would be more once you win the lucky draw as well. Just text KBC TEXT INFO 110 and win the Indian KBC” Also, make sure to have a recharged SIM card installed on your phone. Your mobile number will receive all the updates automatically. Our customer support team is always there to help you out if you face any glitches. The customer representative is available 24/7. KBC officially offers each one 2 chances per month to become a millionaire overnight. It is recommended to keep on visiting the website of KBC to get the chances on time.

WhatsApp Lucky Draw 2021 Winners List

KBC WhatsApp Lottery Winner 2021
KBC WhatsApp Winner 2021

WhatsApp Lottery Winner 2021 List

No:KBC Winners Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Numbers:WhatsApp Number:
1.Mr. Krishna Kumar25,00,000 INR1001081983******635
2.Mr. Rana Pratap Singh25,00,000 INR 89919827******928
3.Ms. Madhu Devi25,00,000 INR 4455782******928
4.Mr. Babu Lal Chauhan35,00,000 INR1155882******112
5.Mr. AshokVarma35,00,000 INR899177808******116
6.Sunder Singh50,00,000 INR50718094767******763
7.Mr. Rahul Kumar Pandey1,00,00,000 INR8991900******911
WhatsApp Lottery Winner List 2021

Please let us know if you are coming across any problem or queries about WhatsApp Lottery . We are working very hard day and night just to ensure that you get what you deserve. Everyone deserves a chance at a quality life that we all have imagined in our minds. So if you think that you are missing out on something then you should definitely consider joining this WhatsApp lottery on KBC Official Website. So that you can do whatever you want with that money once you have won.

When you hear of how many people have won the WhatsApp lottery, you begin to believe that you, too, might be one of them. There’s no harm in giving it a shot. You should think of the small amount of money you spent on a lottery ticket as an opportunity that would pay off handsomely. So you have no idea when those returns will arrive. You should, however, play in the hopes of receiving it sooner rather than later. Wishing you luck!

KBC Winner List 2021

How Much is the Tax On KBC Lottery Winning Amount 2021

KBC Winning AmountTaxLate Fee
10,00,000 INR5,000 INR5,000+2000 INR
15,00,000 INR8,000 INR8,000+3000 INR
25,00,000 INR10,000 INR10,000+15,000 INR
35,00,000 INR15,000 INR15,000+20,000 INR

Note: Dear K B C WhatsApp winner agr ap k pas lottery ki call ya WhatsApp par message aia hi k ap K B C WhatsApp k lottery winner hein tu ap sab sy pehly K B C head office number +19188444474, +19188444479 par call kar k conform kar lein k ap winner ho k nai. Agr ap KBC head office WhatsApp number par call kar k apni lottery conform nai karty and kesi ko bhi paisa deposit kar dity hein tu esky responsible ap khud hun gy Kay bc nai ho gi thanks.

KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number